Alison @ EatalyBorn and raised in Southern California, Alison Bunce, a native New Yorker, has managed adult-onset food allergies, Celiac Disease, food intolerances, pet and environmental allergies since 2012.

After 2 elbow surgeries (and a comical skateboarding dream), Alison developed Gastritus, GERD (Acid Reflux), Celiac Disease, a dairy allergy along with a soy, sugar and nut intolerance. A few months later she moved to NYC to pursue a degree in International Trade and Marketing at (SUNY) The Fashion Institute of Technology. Overtime, some of her dietary restrictions and allergies grew to a Soy and Peanut and Treenut Nut allergy as well as a Heat and Pollen allergy.

Such a story has led to the common question, “Well, what can you even eat?”.

After getting over her fear most food, and avoiding restaurants and social gatherings like the plague, she began logging all the things she could eat. With support from her friends and family, she started approaching restaurants and was often forwarded to the Chef.

Alison began posting on IG @mayispeakwiththechef to show that you can still eat and go out like everybody else (for the most part!).

After years of learning about the community and connecting with people online, Alison went on to becoming a Certified Food Allergy Coach through AllerCoach, an internationally recognized course taught and developed by a Board Certified Allergist, Registered Dietitian, and a Chef.

Through her experiences personal and professional, Alison’s mission is to help  and inspire others managing modified diets that allergies, intolerances and gastrointestinal diseases don’t have to restrict a fun and healthy lifestyle.