Food Allergies in Riviera Maya, Mexico

The epitome of vacation is the absence of worry. However, when you have food allergies, you always have to be “on”, and aware of potential allergens.. doesn’t really sound like a worry free vacation to me!

So how can you truly “vacation”…? Research! Tons of it.

The nice thing about staying at a resort is that it’s their job to accommodate you. However, the financially conscious of us find ourselves budgeting for an all-inclusive Resort. Luckily, I found one!

Unico is an all-inclusive, gorgeous resort, in Riviera May that does an excellent job with accommodating allergies. Make sure you email them a few weeks in advance of your trip with all the details of your diet. They contact all the chefs to let them know in advance and make you a customized and laminated Chef card that states your allergens in Spanish and English. You could buy or make one yourself but it’s so convenient for you!

Unico has six different restaurants including room service. Even though they had my name on file in the kitchen, every time I ordered Room Service I made sure to state my allergens (I highly recommend getting in the habit of this!). Every time I went to a restaurant I gave the manager or hostess (whomever was at the front desk) my card. They would make sure to brief the chef in the back. After being seated, I also gave the waiter my Allergen card.

Photo Sep 06, 8 50 10 PM
Dining at one of the Restaurant at Unico

When you’re in a restaurant, get in the habit of alerting the waiter and manager of your allergies

While Unico was an incredible experience for someone with food allergies on an All-Inclusive Resort Vacation. It isn’t the only option! Always be sure to research beforehand and contact the hotel or resort.





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