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How to Make the Most of Your Doc Visit

Leading Up to Visit

1. If you are still reacting, take pictures if haven’t done so already. Take pictures of your reaction every day leading up to your visit. Your Doc will want to see how/if the reaction has changed.

2. Take pictures of the allergen trigger (the brand label and list of ingredients) if haven’t done so already

3. Create an album in your phone photos called “Allergies” or w/e your preference and drag all of your ingredients and reaction photos into it. Organize the album assuring the label/ ingredients list and reaction are next to each other. Keep your organizational structure consist throughout album (ie [Pics 1-3: Reaction] [Pics 2-4: Brand Label and Ingredients list])

I had a severe reaction to a couple of beauty products. My skin was so sensitive that even salt would eat away at the corners of my mouth ( I wasn’t sure if this was a separate reaction so I took pictures of everything just in case. You’ll see pictures over the course of the days leading up to my appointment (to see how/if my reaction progressed) along with a few product ingredient shots (to narrow the true culprit).

4. Doc’s typically suggest not to take any antihistamines as this could prevent them from seeing all your reactions.

Day of Visit

5. Take off your makeup. As daunting as you may feel, take if off either before you go or leave extra extra early to wash it off at the Doc’s office.

6. Take screen shots of the notes on your phone and put them into your “Allergies” photo album or tuck your pieces of paper into an envelope to keep everything together. (don’t forget to write the date on each piece of paper!)

7. Have questions for your Dr? Write them down on a piece of paper or in the notes in your phone. Take a screenshot if entering into phone notes and drag into your “Allergies” album.

8. Make sure you have a form of ID, multiple forms of payment (if you pay a copay) and your insurance card.

9. Leave extra early for your appointment, especially if you are experiencing brain fog. Your time is limited with your Dr and you want to make the most out of it. Feeling even slightly disoriented can mess up even a normal commute, plus darting into a Doc’s office with beads of sweat down your face is not a cute look.

10. If you Dr is prescribe you something and you have several food allergies or intolerance, you may want to research the ingredients before having your Dr fill as prescription. Ask your Dr to write these down for you. Take a picture of the paper before you leave the office.

After Visit

11. Plan something happy after your appointment. Go for a nice walk? Make movie plans with your friends? Indulge in your favorite treat? Go shopping? Give yourself something to look forward to after each appointment.

10. Talk to the people closest to you about it. Roommates, parents, best friends? Within the first 2-3 days of your Dr. app, fill them in about what you learned and how they can continue to support you.

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